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Our Tools make it easy to manage your work from anywhere.

Mave will continue to evolve with time, but the core values will stay the same.

Our goal is to help people and businesses to become better.

Mave Consultancy is a software company based in Agra and Delhi, India with its Global Presence in The UK. ALL focused on creating remarkably useful web-based software.

Mave Consultancy is a group of experienced and driven individuals working together to develop innovative tools on cloud and providing SaaS


 Available Tools

  • Pathology Lab Management System
  • Radiology Lab Management System
  • Biometric - Attendance Management System
  • Billing Software
  • Billing & Stock Management System
  • Account Management Software
  • Psychometric Test Software
  • Clinical Management System
  • Patient Management System
  • Rating Scales in Mental Health

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Online Maintenance

Regardless of how big or small your computer system or network is, it can take a significant amount of time to perform the daily operations, such as upgrading software, managing fixes, and resolving system problems. To help you manage these areas, your tool is maintained by 24/7/365 professional staff at Mave Consultancy. With our cloud subscription service, there is no maintenance management software you would need to buy, install, upgrade or maintain.

 Improve Efficiency at Work

Because of our obsession with efficiency, we're able to help others and be more efficient as well. Efficiency is the buzzword in business today, as companies are generally trying to do more than ever with less than ever. No longer can entrepreneurs afford to spend money on staff, equipment or services that don't add value to the bottom line.

All business data and software are stored on our servers at a remote location. This kind of environment allows enterprises to run applications faster, with easier manageability and less maintenance effort.

  Multiple users per account

For present clients of Mave Consultancy, who took cloud services - multiple users for an account is now available. You can now add multiple users for your tool and allow or restrict them when ever you have to. The roles of users can be variable so as to manage your work completely with restricted access to whomsoever you want.

A bandwidth backing with a capacity of several hundreds of Gbps filters out any flood of malicious traffic that would have otherwise choked your infrastructure.

 4HS Technology Servers

  • 4rth generation technology having multiple servers with proprietary Dynamic Traffic Management system
  • Network and server-level intrusion prevention
  • Clustered, multi-server environment with load balancing

 Reduce risk & ensure Data Integrity

Following are the four (4) best practices done at Mave for reducing risk in the cloud

  • Always available apps.
  • Geographic load balancing for high availability and disaster recovery
  • Cloud security -- the way we do it
  • Faster is always better

"Mave helps us keep on top of the complicated applications and paperwork throughout several countries with the help of our cloud based tools."

Rahul Creative Head, Mave Consultancy

"We haven't had any issue regarding maintenance since we started using services from MAVE."

Vikkas Mehta Country Manager, Security Solutions

"Mave is a simple yet effective online solution that has proven to be a great asset to our department."

Siddhartha IT Manager, Global Testing Services