Radiology Lab Management System

  • Patient Registration System
  • Unique identity number for each patient
  • Patient search - datewise and namewise
  • Editing patient details
  • Staff can choose and add referral doctors
  • Creating and updating invoice
  • Viewing test details and their costs for reference
  • Creating reports
  • Once created , all reports are saved in this tool. It can be re-edited or printed directly. A back up copy of all reports is also saved in PDF format .
  • Search invoice - namewise , datewise, by invoice number, by patient id number
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Extra Goodies pack with Radiology Tool

  • You get doctor's workbench module
  • The admin can allow n number of doctors to login and manage the patients at the same time
  • The admin can activate or deactivate hospital physician any time.
  • You get a system called as computerized physician entry system
  • The doctor can eventually generate a prescription through the computer and therefore keep a record
  • A text document editor where the nursing staff and others can monitor and save observations of admitted patients
  • Separate patient registration system for emergency patients with more details and other options

Pathology Lab Management System

A complete web based module which integrates all required features for a Pathalogy Lab Management system. Unique Features of Lab Tool:

  • Add new patients to existing database.
  • Unique Patient Id for managing future testing and history of the patient.
  • Search by using unique patient ID/Date Of Birth/ Name /Between any two Dates.
  • Information providing date of Visit, Referred Doctor name, Doctor's details, etc.
  • Maintains Records of previous visits.
  • Supports all pathology lab tests.
  • Separate & Modified way to handle Culture & Sensitivity profile with provision for monthly or time bound analysis of the common sensitivity pattern appearing for any particular bacteria which can be of use for starting the treatment before culture sensitivity reports are available.
  • Separate & Modified way to handle stone Analysis reports.
  • Complete Inventory Management.
  • Generate Test Reports, print them in desired format, export them to pdf, microsoft word
  • Data entry validation and printer formatted reports.
  • Normal & abnormal test result values are differentiated on screen & on printouts.
  • Doctor's referrals and amount collected from relevant patients.
  • Record of Incentives are also calculated doctor wise & can be analyzed between any two dates.
  • Stock Management System.
  • Our Lab tool gives you comparison on purchase detail of Reagent's & their consumption and their Inventory level.

Biometric - Attendance Management System

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Inventory Management System

The Inventory Management System is an application targeted at customers who requires a simple inventory management or stock control system, the prime factor of the system focuses on ease of use and simplicity.

The product is equipped with modules, which helps its users to manage stocks at their warehouses, keep track of their inventory, monitor and regulate stock movement. Transactions to receive and move stock are modelled in a way that creating purchase orders, tracking inbound stocks, transferring stocks or sending them to your customers becomes a child's play.

Rating Scale in Mental Health

Psychiatry Test